Exploring The Benefits Of Professional Email Marketing Services

Some experts suggest SEO and others suggest running ad campaigns, but do you know the oldest yet most effective digital marketing strategies? 

It is none other than email marketing services. There will be almost 4.37 billion email users worldwide by 2023. With email automation, any business can explore various benefits. In this blog by Virtual Oplossing, we’ll discuss the benefits of using an email marketing agency. 

We will also try to look at how email platforms can help take your business to the next level.

Email Platforms Examples

70% of emails are spam, but e-mail marketing is still profitable. Adding personalisation to e-mails is a good way to make them interesting. 

Amazon, eBay, and Microsoft excel at e-mail marketing. Businesses use email marketing to cultivate client connections and spread the word about their wares. 

They use the best email platforms to promote their products and communicate with customers. Here are some brands’ data that invested in email marketing and got results.

  1. Adobe: Tailored emails resulted in a 400% increase in responses.
  2. Birchbox: Email opens increased by 60% when we added the human touch.
  3. Grammarly: Emails with a human touch had a 22% increase in open rates.
  4. Casper: Email opens increased by 60% after adding a human touch.
  5. Chubbies: Personalized email messages increased click throughs by 200%.
  6. Harry’s: Click-through rates from our tailored emails increased by 500%.

Benefits of Professional Email Marketing Services

Businesses can get a lot of benefits from a full-service email marketing agency. Here we try to explain a few benefits: 

  1. Build credibility and brand awareness: Email marketing can advance brand recognition, customer loyalty, return on investment, and credibility as a go-to resource for customers.
  2. Build and maintain relationships with loyal customers: Email marketing can increase revenue, customer loyalty, and customer trust for businesses. Quality over quantity, a personal touch, on-time delivery, images, text, and device optimization are all important. So are personalization, segmentation, A/B testing, automation, mobile optimization, interactive content, customized subject lines.
  3. The opportunity for personalization: Personalized email marketing can improve ROI, open and click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and client happiness.
  4. Cost-effective and easy to use: Small companies can produce successful and low-cost email marketing campaigns by using low-cost tools, narrowing down on the elements that matter, producing high-quality content, automating the process, segmenting the list, and personalizing the emails.
  5. Create personalized content: Data collection, list segmentation, tailored subject lines, automation, mobile device optimization, interactive content, split testing, and A/B testing can benefit email marketing campaigns.

Here are some other benefits of professional email marketing services:

  • Boost referrals and upsell to current customers.
  • Reach new customers and increase sales: 
  • Improve customer retention through consistent engagement.
  • Targeted messages to subscribers.
  • Track metrics over time.
  • Consistent outreach and increased awareness.
  • Reaching the right audience.
  • Affordability and high ROI.
  • Sell to prospects and re-engage customers.
  • Build stronger customer relationships.


Email marketing is effective for marketers to contact their target audience and boost sales and lead generation. 

New businesses should partner with a trustworthy digital marketing agency, such as Virtual Oplossing, to begin their email marketing services. 

Virtual Oplossing provides consulting, design, programming, quality assurance, and promotion services for online applications. 

It allows tailoring campaigns to individual customers, increasing sales and revenue, and improving the customer experience. 

Email marketing is advantageous. MailChimp can help organizations maximize those advantages.


What are the benefits of small business email marketing services?

It helps in building credibility and brand awareness, building and maintaining relationships with loyal customers, and personalization.

How can email marketing help with customer retention?

Email marketing can be used to increase customer retention by sending personalized messages, giving customers more control, creating compelling content, segmenting customer activity, and using re-engagement email campaigns.

What are the fundamental elements of email marketing?

Seven components of a successful marketing email include a clear call-to-action, segmentation, and suppression lists, an attractive subject line, great copywriting, personalization, testing and previewing, unsubscribe and email preferences, and the takeaway.

What are the top benefits of email marketing for marketing teams?

Email marketing campaigns have a high ROI due to their ability to generate traffic, strengthen relationships with customers, increase brand awareness, and create personalized content.

What are the reasons to outsource email marketing for businesses?

Outsourcing email marketing can boost your company’s marketing effectiveness at a low cost. Saving time and money by not buying email marketing tools, employing specialists, or managing campaigns in-house. Companies pay for the labor they use when outsourcing. Outsourcing benefits organizations by providing exposure and boosting return on investment.

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