14 Creative Ideas for Eye-Catching Display Packaging Designs

Creativity is the root of all worthwhile inventions in the world. And the display packaging is not devoid of the wonder that is design creativity. There are a plethora of ways to go about creating eye-catching display packaging designs. It can become a mind-boggling task. But you must not worry, because we are here with the best design tips to help you create the best display packaging design. If you are here looking for suggestions, it means you are sold on the benefits of display packaging. Here we have some design tips and ideas that will help elevate your display packaging game. 

Designing Tips

Everyone is a self-proclaimed expert in the creativity division. But effective display packaging just does not require creativity, it also requires some strategy. Of course, the dynamics of every brand are vastly different. And we can only advise you regarding certain ideas, choosing one to represent your brand is entirely your domain. Here are 14 astonishingly creative ideas for eye-catching display packaging designs.

1. Pattern up

Patterns are the perfect eye-catching device. Patterns do not need to be contained in one specific genre. Depending upon the frailty of your brand, patterns can be as fluid as water or as rigid as concrete. Certain patterns create the illusion of depth that might intrigue an already inquisitive customer.

2. Shapes 

Your product must align with a shape, and you can use that on your packaging. It does not always have to be a conventional shape. You can work around the lines to alter and mold them into whatever shape you like. Incorporating unconventional shapes into your products always allures your customer. 

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3. Color

Colors are not just pigments. They have a place in our mind and they use that influence to evoke our emotions. You can use this power of colors and yield it to your advantage. The cold tone colors like the shades of blue evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility. Beauty brands use bold colors to send out the message of embracing your beauty. In the same manner red elicits feelings of hunger in your mind so food brands should ideally choose from the spectrum of red, yellow, orange, etc. 

4. There is beauty in Simplicity

Going all out on the design is not always the ideal approach. There is in fact beauty in simplicity. If your target audience is appalled by jargon then you should consider creating a display that exudes simplicity. 

5. Design in line with the product

It is imperative that you understand the nature of your product and design the display in accordance. If your product is all-natural, maybe choose a display that portrays the organic nature of the product.

6. Transparency 

Show what you are selling as plain as day through the display. You can create designs with little transparent spaces so the customer can see what they are buying. Furthermore, you can create a culture of price transparency by incorporating it into the front and center of the design. 

7. Inform the Customer

Through clever use of the display design, you can inform your customer in the truest manner. It is better to have an informed customer than one that buys off of their own perception of the product. You can use the design creatively to incorporate the logos of sensitive ingredients so that people with allergies can stay out of harm’s way.

8. Put some imagination into the Process

After creating a unique product, you need to sell that product to the people as well. It is even more difficult to break into the market if you are a new brand. Through the portrayal of your imaginative process on the display you may end up attracting more customers. 

9. The stylization

In the current day and age, you can choose from a variety of styles. You can either go bold or go mellow. It all depends on your marketing approach and your key consumer base.

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10. Add a touch of Playfulness

For products that promise to offer an amazing and light experience, the display packaging can incorporate some playful features. A cat eating a lasagna off of the box, or a cartoon picking off raspberries, are all examples of playful display ideas. 

11. Archaic 

The CBD products that offer moments of relaxation without the high often include archaic designs. These designs come off as attractive and portray exactly what will go through your mind if you use them. 

12. Old Stylez

If you want to get a kick out of nostalgic memories you must incorporate moments from the past. A blast from the past is the perfect way to communicate with an older customer base. The nostalgic memories will attract the customers if not the product.

13. The intended purpose

Design the packaging and the display in accordance with the purpose of the product. If a product was created to be a gift, design the display as though it presents itself as the perfect gift. 

14. Convenience

Convenience sustains life in this fast-paced world. We are losing ourselves to the race of capitalistic culture and often choose convenience in our personal lives, to make them a bit easier. If the design is convenient to understand and at the same time portrays the use of the product. Then it is more likely to be picked up by the population that works standard hours.


There are hundreds and thousands of ideas floating around in the creative corner of the world. It is upon you to decide which idea will work best with your product and brand. The most important feature in any display packaging design is your input in its creation. As long as the work portrays your hard work and creativity, and authentically displays the quality of your products it should suffice. Adding flare and glamour to the display might help but so does going for a minimalistic display. It all boils down to the things that attract your target audience and the factors that make your product whole. 

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